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Devil Fruit ID card: Kyokan Kyokan no Mi by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Devil Fruit ID card: Kyokan Kyokan no Mi :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 4 0
One Piece OC Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit name: Kyokan Kyokan no Mi
English Translation: Empathy Empathy fruit
Type: Paramecia
Eaten: By accident out of desperation
Appearance: The fruit is in the shape of a dragon fruit, with large leaf-like petals. Its pale yellow in color and, like other devil fruits, has a swirl pattern to it along with a swirled stem to hold it in the branch that it came from.
Date of consumption: When Nai was only 5.
When a person eats this fruit, they have the ability to fully read emotions and temperaments without reading symptoms, allowing them to understand difficult people or find the hidden emotions. If a user were to find a specific emotion that causes a person distractions, they can use that emotion to make a personal and emotional attack. This fruit grants the user the ability to see the truth in someone, predict enemy attacks before anyone can detect them, and even speak with spirits of the dead to understand different situations. If the user, or a person close to them, t
:iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 4 0
One Piece candle scents 3 by ALioness-w-NoRegrets One Piece candle scents 3 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 11 0 One piece candle scents 2 by ALioness-w-NoRegrets One piece candle scents 2 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 11 5 One Piece candle scents 1 by ALioness-w-NoRegrets One Piece candle scents 1 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 12 9 Peace at the park. by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Peace at the park. :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 2 4
Veruna Von Stein (no winner but cool)
Name (last, first): Veruna Von Stein
Nickname: Runi, ‘Fig Wig’ (hates that name), World Hopper
Age: 967 years old, (looks around 30)
Birthday (if known): Unknown as of now
Gender: Female
Species: Human Witch
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (can go for anyone really)
Personality: A very curious witch that hops from universe to universe. Sometimes gets into trouble for the fun of it, but she realizes when she goes too far. She can be rather crazy, but she’s also very wise after living for so long without many people go get close to as well as world hopping throughout her lifetime. Acting like a human map of sorts, she knows every universe, what lives in that universe, what is dangerous, what is friendly, everything possible about the different worlds in the universe of Victoria. Since she was picked on a lot as a kid, she’s not really sociable at first, but if you appreciate her for her crazy antics, mad interpretations, her addiction of smoking Damiana, she’s
:iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 1 3
Silver Valor Chapter 3 Photo (Before and After) by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Silver Valor Chapter 3 Photo (Before and After) :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 3 2
Mature content
Silver Valor (An AoT Story) Chapter 3 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 3 16
Mature content
Silver Valor (An AoT Story) Chapter 2 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 3 6
Hair experiment by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Hair experiment :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 1 6
Mature content
Silver Valor (An AoT Story) Chapter 1 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 2 8
Mature content
Silver Valor (An AoT Story) Prologue (redo) :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 4 17
What I'm dealing with right now by ALioness-w-NoRegrets What I'm dealing with right now :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 1 14 A sky divided. by ALioness-w-NoRegrets A sky divided. :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 2 1 How I feel after this election by ALioness-w-NoRegrets How I feel after this election :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 1 46

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levi ackerman ink sketch by geriwiri levi ackerman ink sketch :icongeriwiri:geriwiri 67 11
Levis little tea maker
The tea maker
Levi x reader
you sat on your new bad of your new room as of now you are a new scout. Levi orderd all the girls or young ladys as he called you all to your own rooms. He felt that is you guys have your own rooms then you would feel like you had more time to be well girls. He was walking down the hall and you walked the other way looking as some files Erwin gave you to drop off to levi He side stepped you so you would not bump into him. You walked to his dorry but he turned to see you at his door so he walked to you and asked. Are those the papers for the fallen scouts? You nodded and said yeah but my arms could only carry these there are more in Erwins offic. He nodded and said thank you and walked off. Later that night you wanted some tea and you knew Levi wouldnt be mad if he saw you if you gave him some too. So you went to the kitchen and tried to find the stuff to make tea but you couldnt find anything. You shrugged and got some lilly peddles and orenge leaves and wan
:iconsukiko-ravenholt:Sukiko-Ravenholt 2 29
Fall Journal Skin CSS by Akt92 Fall Journal Skin CSS :iconakt92:Akt92 105 42
Moments With the Legion-Eating Fire
 You screamed as you ran down the halls. Several Cadets turned to watch you run past them. You weren't being chased again and nothing was lodged in your hide (that happened a lot in your job), so why were you running? You continued to run and scream until you reached the mess hall. You ran, still screaming, over to the table where all the higher-ups sat, everyone in the room turning to watch. You landed with a 'thump' next to Levi and finally stopped screaming, only to reach over and steal his bread,"Hey!" He shouted, looking over at you.
 You ignored him and took several large bites out of the loaf. You sighed in relief before sitting bolt upright and eating more.
 Levi was clearly annoyed,"Why the fuck did you steal my bread, (Name)?" He asked, glaring in your direction.
 "Yes, I would like to know why you were running through the halls screaming." Erwin stated, still eating.
 You swallowe
:iconcharlottemetalmutant:CharlotteMetalMutant 1 22
Levi Ackerman by MisakiByakko Levi Ackerman :iconmisakibyakko:MisakiByakko 22 5 No Shave November- Colored by Squirrelly8 No Shave November- Colored :iconsquirrelly8:Squirrelly8 13 2 Levi by moni158 Levi :iconmoni158:moni158 3,944 128 No Shave November by Squirrelly8 No Shave November :iconsquirrelly8:Squirrelly8 24 16 Captain Levi by geriwiri Captain Levi :icongeriwiri:geriwiri 71 26 Let's go! by Yumi-AK Let's go! :iconyumi-ak:Yumi-AK 16 5 Happy Halloween by noDuckiEallow Happy Halloween :iconnoduckieallow:noDuckiEallow 101 19 Corporal Levi  and ... her -_- by GaurdianOfDreams2014 Corporal Levi and ... her -_- :icongaurdianofdreams2014:GaurdianOfDreams2014 17 19 Untitled by FoxtrotSix
Mature content
Untitled :iconfoxtrotsix:FoxtrotSix 4 16
Untitled by FoxtrotSix
Mature content
Untitled :iconfoxtrotsix:FoxtrotSix 7 0
JUST........OH MY GOD......YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Omegle Video Chat!
This Saturday, at 8:00-10:00 Central Time (UTC-06:00), I will be on Omegle video chat under the tag "captain-fan" so you all can come say hi to me! I'd love to get to know the faces behind the icons! Of course, this will only work with enough people XD but maybe a decent amount out of 1000 will show up XD Comment if you're gonna do it so I can get a guesstimate! (I may even do a Skype giveaway if a few people sound interested :meow: We'll see).
Q&A Video!
DA took down the journal where you guys asked me questions I said I would put in a video, so I'll ask again here. I'll be doing a video where I answer all the questions
:iconcaptain-fan:Captain-Fan 25 96
Rivaille heichou by Yumi-AK Rivaille heichou :iconyumi-ak:Yumi-AK 4 5


Gotta work til 3 again. I won't be back until later today.
There is a bad storm brewing here. I'll be off for the time being, but if the storm passes without trouble, I'll be back on. 
Devil Fruit ID card: Kyokan Kyokan no Mi
Here's a closer look at the devil fruit card from Nai's devil fruit. 

One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
Devil Fruit id card: :icontenshinofuu: Link: One Piece Base. Devil Fruit ID
Fruit power idea: Me
Nai: My OC
Dragon Fruit design, swirl pattern: Google Images
Fruit Image: Created on Powerpoint
Journal for :iconvelisism: Hope this works

Free requests!~
Hello there! 
I enjoy practicing and trying out new things 
And i thought of doing some requests !
So if you want, please follow the rules.

-Watch me (don't unwatch me after, that would be awkward ;w; ) 
-Make a journal about my requests, i want everyone to know this
-Fave this journal
comment with this form:
- Reference of the character :
- Journal :

• Picture ref only
• I might draw requests only in my free time
  I only draw the characters that i love the most ! 

Thank you so much! 



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New site up though:…

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If I were to make a Twitter account, what username should I choose? 

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