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Devil Fruit ID card: Kyokan Kyokan no Mi by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Devil Fruit ID card: Kyokan Kyokan no Mi :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 5 0
One Piece OC Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit name: Kyokan Kyokan no Mi
English Translation: Empathy Empathy fruit
Type: Paramecia
Eaten: By accident out of desperation
Appearance: The fruit is in the shape of a dragon fruit, with large leaf-like petals. Its pale yellow in color and, like other devil fruits, has a swirl pattern to it along with a swirled stem to hold it in the branch that it came from.
Date of consumption: When Nai was only 5.
When a person eats this fruit, they have the ability to fully read emotions and temperaments without reading symptoms, allowing them to understand difficult people or find the hidden emotions. If a user were to find a specific emotion that causes a person distractions, they can use that emotion to make a personal and emotional attack. This fruit grants the user the ability to see the truth in someone, predict enemy attacks before anyone can detect them, and even speak with spirits of the dead to understand different situations. If the user, or a person close to them, t
:iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 4 0
One Piece candle scents 3 by ALioness-w-NoRegrets One Piece candle scents 3 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 11 0 One piece candle scents 2 by ALioness-w-NoRegrets One piece candle scents 2 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 11 5 One Piece candle scents 1 by ALioness-w-NoRegrets One Piece candle scents 1 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 13 9 Peace at the park. by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Peace at the park. :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 2 4
Veruna Von Stein (no winner but cool)
Name (last, first): Veruna Von Stein
Nickname: Runi, ‘Fig Wig’ (hates that name), World Hopper
Age: 967 years old, (looks around 30)
Birthday (if known): Unknown as of now
Gender: Female
Species: Human Witch
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (can go for anyone really)
Personality: A very curious witch that hops from universe to universe. Sometimes gets into trouble for the fun of it, but she realizes when she goes too far. She can be rather crazy, but she’s also very wise after living for so long without many people go get close to as well as world hopping throughout her lifetime. Acting like a human map of sorts, she knows every universe, what lives in that universe, what is dangerous, what is friendly, everything possible about the different worlds in the universe of Victoria. Since she was picked on a lot as a kid, she’s not really sociable at first, but if you appreciate her for her crazy antics, mad interpretations, her addiction of smoking Damiana, she’s
:iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 1 3
Silver Valor Chapter 3 Photo (Before and After) by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Silver Valor Chapter 3 Photo (Before and After) :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 3 2
Mature content
Silver Valor (An AoT Story) Chapter 3 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 3 16
Mature content
Silver Valor (An AoT Story) Chapter 2 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 3 6
Hair experiment by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Hair experiment :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 1 6
Mature content
Silver Valor (An AoT Story) Chapter 1 :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 2 8
Mature content
Silver Valor (An AoT Story) Prologue (redo) :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 4 17
What I'm dealing with right now by ALioness-w-NoRegrets What I'm dealing with right now :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 1 14 A sky divided. by ALioness-w-NoRegrets A sky divided. :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 2 1 How I feel after this election by ALioness-w-NoRegrets How I feel after this election :iconalioness-w-noregrets:ALioness-w-NoRegrets 1 46

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A kitty for anyone feeling lousy out there....
Here's my gigantic, fluffy beast, being held like a baby. xD He was purring like a motorboat when I took these. 
Love you, guys! :heart:

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To Ask Out A Waiter - Waiter! Levi x Shy? Reader
Your eyes always strayed from your laptop.
You just couldn’t help it. He was always near. And you loved it!
The waiter’s grey eyes would glance in your direction and you would quickly look away trying to “focus” on the essay you were supposed to be working on for English.
With blush on your cheeks, you would look up from your laptop again to see the waiter named Levi at the other side of the café serving other customers.
Normally you would hang out at “Titan’s Café” once in a while with a cup of coffee and piece of cheesecake. However, since they hired this guy named Levi you almost always came to this café whenever you could; which was practically everyday.
Yes, it was a crush. A crush that was so powerful whenever you saw the said man butterflies would fly in your stomach and a blush would rise to your cheeks.
As you barely typed a sentence for your essay, you heard a voice behind you, “You barely typed anyt
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Levi Ackerman by PainfulFaith Levi Ackerman :iconpainfulfaith:PainfulFaith 59 14 Hidden Feelings by Sou-the-Cat Hidden Feelings :iconsou-the-cat:Sou-the-Cat 19 9
Kiddo, Don't blame yourself. (Levi X Reader)
“Wait. So you’re telling me that Shitty Glasses put her newest creation, which are somehow god damned mini titans, in your fucking room, just to test how much time they need to eat your WHOLE.FUCKING.BEDROOM?!”
“Um…” You didn’t know what to say but it was the tragedy that happened to your bedroom. You nodded, sighing because of that mad scientist and her experiments. You didn’t know what to do but go to your Corporal, who was also your childhood friend as a thug. He sighed and then asked you : “where are you gonna sleep now then?” which was also a question you wanted to ask yourself.
“I have no idea, the Commander told me to ask you…” You looked away, ashamed of letting Hanji get into your private room and destroying it so easily. Levi looked at you with his usual cold eyes and asked, “So who are you gonna sleep with? You’ve to share a room with someone.”, though you could see concern in his
:iconushionamae:UshioNamae 53 18
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Feeling emotionally drained today. I won't say much, but I'll explain later if things don't go well today.

This is an OC Template for the One Piece Tournament going on here: OP OC TOURNAMENT # 2 - SIGN UPS (OPEN)

This template belongs to :iconpeanutin:

[Main information]

Full Name: - Nai (original name) “Nothing/Not existing”

Nicknames / Alias: - Black Tempest

Age: - (Pre timeskip) 17

(post-timeskip) 19

Species: - Human

Gender / Pronouns / Orientation: - Female

Height / Weight: - 5’7”/ 133 lbs

Affiliation / Alignment: - Chaotic Good

Occupation: Personal Assassin (Former), Spy/Assassin (Current)

Bounty: - 300,000 beri’s

Location: - Dressrosa

Goal / Dream: - Repent for her sins (currently), Future goals unknown




Positive traits: Street smart, aware, imaginative, organized, brave, open-minded, loyal


Negative traits: Impulsive, sneaky, gullible, cunning, anti-social, conservative, sometimes dense


Likes: Reading, tinkering, designing, bathing, cleaning, learning, healthy meals, tea, exercising


Dislikes: Perverts, hateful people, very fatty foods, talking



Devil Fruit Power

Devil Fruit: - Kyohan Kyohan no Mi/ Empathy Empathy Fruit 

The user of this fruit is capable of reading, removing and manipulating the thoughts, memories and movements of others based on the emotions they sense. It can allow empathetic creation, emotional insanity, and familiar contracting. However, it can cause slight self emotional instability and strong physical strain.

Species: - Human

Others: - Busoshoku Haki/ Seastone weapons

Strengths: Devil Fruit/ Awareness/ Deduction/ Agile/ Strong Assassin skills/ Strong will to live

Weaknesses: Bugs/ Apathy users/ Robots/ Seawater and Seastone

Miscellaneous / quirks : Sleeps upside down in a chair (working on breaking habit)/ Very modest/ Easily drunk/ Obsessed with eating healthy foods



Nai is a small chested woman of average height with a slimmed but toned body type. Her face is usually hidden by a plague doctor’s mask. When its off, which is rare, she has fair skin, Persian pink eyes, back long auburn hair, and two distinctive scars on the bottom of her right cheek. Her fighting style combines capoeira, seastone weapons, familiar summoning and snake style kung fu. Nai would describe her outfit as poor boy renaissance style, but it’s hard to say for sure.



Born in a brothel in the red light district of Dressrosa, at the age of 4, her mother attempted to kill her, but she managed somehow to get away from the ordeal only with two slashes on her cheek. Four years later, Nai was captured to be sold at an auction, but she ate the Empathy Empathy fruit out of desperation from hunger and managed to kill those around her, traumatizing her. When she was 12, she was found by the Donquixote Family and joined them as Doflamingo’s personal assassin. When Ace died, 17 year old Nai felt a connection to Luffy and decided to help him escape, also helping him with his trauma afterwards. Two years later, she joined Luffy’s crew, with a new name, and stuck by them ever since. She is currently serving the Straw Hats as a secondary gunner, assassin and spy.

Pictures of Nai:
Pre-Time Skip
Request - Black Tempest by Dxrk-Incxrnxte (Created by :icondxrk-incxrnxte: )
Nai without mask 1 by ALioness-w-NoRegrets Nai without mask 2 by ALioness-w-NoRegrets (created on Rinmaru Games, proper credit to them)

Post Time Skip
Black Tempest final decision by ALioness-w-NoRegrets (Also created on Rinmaru Games, proper credit to them there as well) 

Nai OC commission  by jordanjenai (Wonderful commission drawing created by :iconjordanjenai: )

Journal History

If I were to make a Twitter account, what username should I choose? 

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2 deviants said Pastbehindfutureforward
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New site up though:…



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